Research: Economics and Entrepreneurship
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University of Utah students visit a local urban farm to learn about entrepreneurship in urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture is quickly growing in cities throughout the world. As urban agriculture continues to grow (both literally and figuratively), innovations and entrepreneurial ideas are needed to make it a competitive option in global agriculture markets. The IRES program is committed to creating the necessary entrepreneurial ideas and innovations through business development and research. Our projects focus in the following areas:
  • business idea generation through the lean canvas model with long term goals of establishing companies to improve the economic feasibility of urban agriculture in Salk Lake City and more cities in time
  • research on the most effective business models currently being practiced in urban agriculture in the United States
  • development of companies to provide technological solutions to common issues found in urban agriculture
We are currently working hard to develop these ideas and more. Please continue to check in often as new work should be published soon! For the work that has already been completed on entrepreneurship and economics, see the "Works" section below.

  • Dana Tran (Cohort ?)
  • Jacob Beakas (Cohort 2)


University of Utah students in cohort 1 completed a lean canvas workshop to learn the technical knowledge of entrepreneurship and to develop business ideas in the area of urban agriculture. After the 7 week workshop, several business ideas were conceived and are explained in more detail in the link below. The business ideas were solutions to these three key issues in urban agriculture:
  1. An inability to reach customers on mass scales
  2. A lack of the technology available to many large farms
  3. A difficult learning curve leading to high failure rates