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Research: Social
Cohort 1 began two main explorations into the social realms of urban agriculture. The first of which involved a social network analysis (SNA) of the urban agriculture network. This effort was lead by Olivia Juarez. She analyzed the Salt Lake City urban agriculture network, while exploring the Barcelona urban agriculture network as well. More on her work can be found below.

The other social research aspect conducted in Cohort 1 involved a qualitative look at the "urban agriculture vision" for Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. This included interviews of many key entities in the urban agriculture community, including local and state governments, urban growers, suppliers, and more. This effort was spearheaded by Nathan Jellen. Nathan's time on the project was cut short due to personal commitments and he did was project ended before the summer of 2017.

Cohort 2 currently has no students studying the social realms of urban agriculture.

Urban Agriculture Social Network Analysis (SNA)

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Visual representation of a social network.

The urban agriculture network is filled with a diverse set of stakeholders. Micro farmers, legacy farmers, market managers, government agencies, infrastructure suppliers, non-profits, community gardens, and emergency food services are just a few. Olivia began to develop a social network of the urban agriculture network in Salt Lake County. Relationships were established and major parties were identified. Surveys were prepared to assess the interactions among urban agriculture entities in the area. Olivia left the project in the summer of 2017. The SNA study is currently on hold until an additional student is added to conduct the remaining research.
Researchers:Olivia Juarez (Cohort 1)