RESEARCH: Cohort 1

(General paragraph of research conducted from Cohort 1)


-Energy and Material Flows
-Social Network Analysis


Students are incorporating agriculture and water in their work through Ecological Network Analysis (ENA), Network Environ Analysis (NEA), and other methods of analysis.

Kelley (link name) is using urban water metabolism to determine the water efficiency of urban agriculture. Insert brief info on urban water metabolism

Energy and Material Flows

Different methods will be implemented to study material and energy flows within an urban agriculture system.
Spring and Summer 2017
  • Kayla (UT) studied the energy flows in a rooftop garden by combining Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with Ecological Network Analysis (ENA). These methods were employed to study the integrated rooftop garden (iRTG) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). The life cycle inventory and basic system boundary assumption were based on a previous LCA of the iRTG by Sanye et al., 2015. This was an innovative study that combined two different methodologies and offered a foundational guideline for future studies of this type. Observing the results from both of the methods in each of the papers also offers a comparison in the type of results and information that are obtained from each methodology. Below is an image of the network that was modeled based on these two methodologies. The resulting paper has been submitted to a special issue of Resources, Conservation, and Recycling (RCR) that will be centered around the Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus. The submitted paper and final project presentation are posted below, along with the finalized network model of the iRTG network, and a research poster submitted to the IV Torres & Earth Award for Environmental Innovation.

Network of energy flows in iRTG ot UAB, based on LCA data

Social Network Analysis

A Sample Network Analysis

The urban agriculture network is filled with a diverse set of stakeholders. Micro farmers, legacy farmers, market managers, government agencies, infrastructure suppliers, non-profits, community gardens, and emergency food services are just a few. Olivia is conducting a social network analysis of the urban agriculture network in Salt Lake County.